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Archive for February 11th, 2010


I hate to admit it, but I remember coming here once back in my high school days and thinking, “This place is awesome!”. For some reason, I eventually forgot about it. I wrote about Steve’s T.V. a short while ago and a commenter, “genxmike”, said;

“When are you taking a photo of the Gen X building? We’ve got everything Steve’s has got and a lot more. And our building looks much cooler.”

Yes Mike, the building looks much cooler than Steve’s (this pic doesn’t do it justice though, you’d have to see it for yourselves). And there’s lots of variety of films, even the obscure and hard to get ones. For instance, there was a section dedicated to Japanese Horror (seriously, how many movie stores have a Japanese horror section??).

I’m telling you, definitely check out Generation-X (and their website too!).

Written by thebecka

February 11, 2010 at 12:00 am