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Cricket at Waterloo Park

Cricket warmups

Playing fields are gradually drying out and sports teams are getting a late start on their outdoor seasons. Cricket games are played at Waterloo Park throughout the summer months. This is a game I know very little about but it looks more interesting to me than football. 😉

Cricket game in progress at Waterloo Park

Directions to Waterloo Park

Written by Ruth

June 1, 2011 at 9:37 pm

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Riverside Park Skate and Bike Park

The temperature was a “balmy” 7C today but this group of teenaged boys kept warm while doing stunts on bikes and skateboards at Riverside Park in Cambridge. An artist applied spray paint to the wall which faded during the winter months.

Written by Ruth

March 15, 2011 at 9:38 pm

F. W. R. Dickson Wilderness Area

I visited this natural area for the first time on a snowy, damp weekend (as we have had every weekend lately!) In spite of the weather, it was an interesting and beautiful area that I will return to explore further when the trails dry out. There are several steep sections in the 5 km loop so if you go when it is icy, you need to take special care.

Chickadees here are very friendly and come readily to eat from your hand. Most of them have colour-coded bands and are being studied for behaviour and movement. This is a birder’s paradise.

This map directs you to Hillside Lake Park on the Brant-Waterloo Road. Dickson Wilderness area is immediately west of the trailer park. A parking lot is on the north side of Brant-Waterloo Road.

Other trails are found nearby at Sudden Tract, Wrigley Lake and Pinehurst Lake.

Written by Ruth

March 10, 2011 at 7:27 am

Sudden Regional Forest

1839 Spragues Road, North Dumfries Township

The Region of Waterloo’s Regional Forests and Woodlands include 16 wooded areas owned by the Region. Sudden Tract is south of Cambridge at 1839 Spragues Road. I have enjoyed the trails here particularly in the fall and winter. The Chickadees and Nuthatches are very friendly and will eat out of your hand. This is where I saw my first Red-bellied Woodpecker a few years ago.

The boardwalk traversing the large wetland near Spragues Road has been closed to the public for over a year now. It is in poor repair and is missing cross boards in many areas. People (like myself) walk around the barriers and follow the trail toward the back of the forest where glacial hills and formations add the beauty of the forest. I wouldn’t recommend using this trail though especially when spring arrives.

The boardwalk over the wetland is unsafe

Here is a link to a January 2011 report from the Region of Waterloo concerning the Regional Forest Management Plan. According to the report, in the fall of 2010 ” a team of students from Conestoga College’s Environmental Engineering program undertook the project of designing a replacement boardwalk as their major course project. To date they have produced an “Existing Conditions” report and are currently in the design stage of the project. It is anticipated that if their recommendations are realistic and achievable, that their proposal will be presented to EEAC for consideration at a later date.”

Red-bellied Woodpecker along broken boardwalk trail

Written by Ruth

February 23, 2011 at 9:40 pm

McLennan Park- Phase 2 Development

Blackhorne Drive entrance to McLennan Park

Phase two of the City of Kitchener’s development of McLennan Park is well under way. It is slated to open in the spring of 2011 and according to the city website will include:

  • Playground area, including accessible playstructure and splash pad.
  • Skateboard park with bowl and street elements.
  • McLennan Park gate roadway, centralized drop-off and parking areas.
  • Entrance feature off McLennan Park gate at Blackhorne Crescent and Block Line Road.
  • Pedestrian trails and landscaping.
  • Basketball and beach volleyball courts.
  • Washroom building and picnic shelter.
  • A great lawn for picnics, ice skating and field play.


Written by Ruth

February 18, 2011 at 12:37 am

McLennan Park in February

McLennan Park” is the number one search term which leads people to this website. We have posted pictures of various activities here including the tobogganing hill, bike park, dog park and the view. The next phase of development is well under way and I will post about that later. I stopped here on the way home from work this afternoon as the time was approaching 5 PM. It was a bitterly cold day but the late afternoon sun lit the hill up warmly. A few brave tobogganers were out, some going down the big main hill and others sliding on the bike park jumps. Here are a few more pictures to celebrate our infamous “Mount Trashmore”.

Written by Ruth

February 10, 2011 at 8:42 pm

Winter Hike at Huron Natural Area

Josh Shea, coordinator of Kitchener’s Natural Areas Program (KNAP), led a winter hike at Huron Natural Area on Saturday, January 23, 2011. He discovered coyote scat and was describing its unique characteristics to the group. Over 30 people of all ages came out in spite of bitter cold temperatures.

Written by Ruth

January 23, 2011 at 6:35 pm