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The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery: Bee Keepers’ Ball

On Saturday night I attended the Bee Keepers’ Ball at the CCGG in UpTown Waterloo. The event was full of dancing, music, theatre, food, and elaborate costumes. There was also a silent auction and an exhibit called “The Masquerade“, which ended yesterday. Overall, it was an evening well spent.

(to read more about my night and also see more pictures, click here)

Written by thebecka

January 11, 2010 at 12:01 am

Waterloo Royal Medieval Faire, ’09


The crowds

Last weekend I attended the Royal Medieval Faire for the first time ever. Apart from visiting some friends at their booth, I had no idea what to expect at this event.


A finished round of archery

The faire was located at Waterloo Park West and was only a one day event. Booths encircled the field  and in the centre was the “Queen’s Stage”. There were live performances, food, tournaments, and even “Knighting Ceremonies”.


Mystic from The Dark Crystal

There were also some interesting characters in the crowd – some dressed up in medieval garb, some came in homemade costumes. If you had forgotten to dress up for the occasion, there was even booth that sold…well, whatever you needed for medieval wear.


Need a costume?

I’m not 100% sure how much the admission was for kids (either $2.50 or $3.00), but admission for adults was $5.00. Would I go again next year? Sure – why not? Next time I need to bring a little extra cash with me to buy some jewelery…


Photos by Becka

Written by thebecka

September 21, 2009 at 11:02 pm

Kitchener Blues Festival, ’09


Shawn Kellerman

The weather was just perfect for the Kitchener Blues Festival yesterday.

The Shawn Kellerman Band opened the main stage as crowds gathered around the downtown area. I came a bit late for the set, but fortunately there was a spot near the side of the stage where I could get a good view. Gradually, I made my way to the fence.


The crowd

You could feel the bass and the drums through the pavement…awesome. I even saw Michelle Malone (who was great), throw away a broken guitar string into the crowd.


Michelle Malone

Away from the stage was the food and such. Whether it was BBQ, fresh cut french fries, a Carribean stand, or beer (can’t forget that one), there was something for everyone.


Some good ol’ BBQ

Or take a walk down King Street and see all the different vendors. Maybe you’ll end up buying something – I know I have. This time it was fresh cut french fries.


French Fries!!!

The festival began Thursday and goes through Sunday, with five stages and about 40 bands. Today’s lineup includes Ronnie Hawkins, Canned Heat, Elvin Bishop, The Hawks, and many others. For those in touch with their spiritual side, Sunday begins with A Gospel Breakfast with Calvin Cooke.


Michelle Malone and band

If you happen to be in the area, the Kitchener Blues Festival is worth checking out.

(Main stage at 200 King St. W. at Kitchener City Hall.  There are two other stages;- one at the Kitchener Market and the other at King and Frederick Streets. Check website for schedule.)

~ Becka

Photos by Becka

Written by thebecka

August 8, 2009 at 12:45 am

And All That Jazz…In Uptown Waterloo


A couple of events took place this past weekend. One of them was Ribfest at Victoria Park – the other was the 17th Annual Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival. And the Jazz Festival was where I was.


All of the provided seats were filled up, but really, who needs one when you’ve got your own lawn chair? Or who needs chairs when you could be dancing to the music (I didn’t dance, but that’s beside the point). People were enjoying both the music and the festival vibes.


The unstable weather, albeit unseasonably cool for July, co-operated yesterday. The sun eventually came out while the Shuffle Demons wandered through the crowd, playing their instruments, before taking the stage.


This year’s line up, besides the Shuffle Demons, included Carol McCartney, Chris Smith, Divine Brown, Michael Kaeshammer, Zapati, Power Play, and so on – a mixture of small and big name acts (the rest of the line-up can be found here). The admission is always free – however, as I read from today’s newspaper, some people were turned away after the place reached its limit of over 4, 000 people. To state the obvious, if you plan to go next year, and as soon as the 2010 info gets out, get the program list, make note of the times, get in early.

The Waterloo Jazz Festival is usually located at 100 Regina Street South.

~ Becka

Photos by Becka.

Written by thebecka

July 20, 2009 at 3:47 pm