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Laurentian Wetland Earth Day Walk

A group of people of all ages met at WT Townshend Public School on Activa Drive, Kitchener and listened to a presentation about the Laurentian Wetland. A couple of enthusiastic grade 5 students gave a very interesting speech about this area behind their school. Josh Shea, Natural Area Coordinator for the City of Kitchener, led the participants on a walk along David Bergey Drive and pointed out things of interest along the way. A number of people have put a lot of effort into saving this urban wetland including Duane Heide, a grade 8 teacher at the school, and Karen von Knobloch, a local photographer and nature lover. Duane and Karen are co-chairs of the ‘Friends of Laurentian Wetlands’ group.

Here is the link to the Kitchener Natural Area Program website. The goals of the program are to

  • engage the community in environmental stewardship projects
  • educate people about Kitchener’s natural areas and
  • create opportunities for people to experience nature in the city

Josh Shea, Kitchener Natural Area Co-ordinator, leads the wetland walk

Students learn to make a difference (

Written by Ruth

April 23, 2010 at 12:00 am